Submission #8724: LogansGamingRoom's Genesis Action 52: Echo in 11:55.91

Sega Genesis
BizHawk 2.9.1
Action 52 (Unl) [a1][!].gen
Submitted by LogansGamingRoom on 11/10/2023 4:36:24 PM
Submission Comments
About the Game(s):
Action 52 is an unlicensed game made for the NES and Sega Genesis, featuring - you guessed it - 52 different video games. The NES version was published in 1991, whereas the Genesis version was published in 1993. Both versions were published by Active Enterprises.
Echo is game 22/52 in the Sega Genesis version of Action 52. This is essentially a version of the famous electronic memory game Simon, which geta increasingly harder over 9 levels.
About the TAS:
This TAS aims for fastest completion, which means completing all 9 levels as fast as possible.
If this TAS gets published, it'll be my longest publication so far, being 1:19.04 longer than my TAS of Action 52: Slalom in terms of input time.
The game starts out with 4 colours to remember, but after every level another colour is added. This means level 2 has 5 colours, level 3 has 6 colours, and so on... until level 9, which has a whopping 12 colours. In some of the later levels (especially the final two), the speed of the colours flashing gets significantly faster, with level 9 being practically impossible in real time due to this.
RNG is manipulated to get the fastest solutions and save fractions of a second. But with ~100 combinations over the course of the whole TAS, the timesave adds up quickly. Finding the fastest solutions was a pain in the backside, especially in level 9, but it was worth it.
Input ends on frame 42898 when we press the last button on level 9. We end with a final score of 10800. This TAS cannot be improved due to its basic RNG and trivial gameplay.
Thanks for reading.

nymx: Claiming for judging.
nymx: This is straight forward. Can't really argue with optimization, even though I checked how you were committing to your responses. You did exactly what I would have done...where you "compress" the inputs. In this case, you created the inputs with the right combinations to save as much time. This is probably best summed as an exercise in "Menu Navigating".
The other thing that I checked was your claim on RNG manipulation. From what I can see, it is controlled by delays or the lack of. So basically...when a new pattern is initiated, it would change on different frames. Because of this, this makes it more difficult to input controlled RNG would have been easier (IMO) with less effort. It's no wonder you surpassed 10,000 re-records.

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