Submission #8741: LogansGamingRoom's Genesis Action 52: Bombs Away in 08:16.42

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Sega Genesis
BizHawk 2.9.1
Action 52 (Unl) [a1][!].gen
Submitted by LogansGamingRoom on 11/18/2023 5:04:09 PM
Submission Comments
Judge, please replace the movie file with this one. Unlike the current submission file, this one wins the game. -
About the Game(s):
Action 52 is an unlicensed game made for the NES and Sega Genesis, featuring - you guessed it - 52 different video games. The NES version was published in 1991, whereas the Genesis version was published in 1993. Both versions were published by Active Enterprises.
Bombs Away is game 36/52 in the Sega Genesis version of Action 52. The villages are being bombed, and you're the only person left. It's up to you to survive the attacks over 9 levels.
About the TAS:
This TAS aims for fastest completion, which means completing all 9 levels with the shortest input time possible.
After waiting through the opening screen and navigating through the menu, we can select the game on frame 442.
The gameplay here is very similar to the likes of Sunday Drive, Slalom, Magic Bean and Speed Boat, all of which I have TASed previously. Just survive for 9 levels. However, there's one main difference: you can jump by pressing C.
A single jump is used in this TAS to end input nearly a second earlier than not doing so. This game keeps saving your progress, even when you lose a life, just like Sunday Drive and Slalom, so this trick is used as well. Input ends on frame 29746.
Thanks for reading. If you find a way to end inputs earlier, I'll add you as a co-author.

nymx: Claiming for judging.
nymx: Replacing with corrected version that completes the game.
nymx: I know this is a quick judgement, but there is no sense in keeping this game in the queue. It mimics the other games mentioned in this submission. Since I have been the primary judge for most of the Action 52 games, I figure to apply my understanding to this one as well. It is like LGR auto-scroller where you survive. The playing time cannot be changed; however, ending input early is the only option. LGR does great by utilizing all extra lives to accomplish the completion of level 9. I calculated the savings, and it was roughly 35 seconds. This is the kind of strategy that is expected, for games like these. I'm just surprised as to how much was cut at the end. Great job. Oops...I almost forgot. I checked the menu also. He he. Good to go there, according to the findings that you made a few submissions ago.
In regards to the run itself, it was pretty boring at the beginning and got more and more interesting. I would suggest not missing Level 9, since it contains the most action.

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