Submission #8912: KusogeMan's Wii Mortal Kombat: Armageddon "Arcade, Kreate-a-Fighter" in 06:38.42

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Arcade, Kreate-a-Fighter
Dolphin 5.0 20571
23905 (Cycle Count 290438095665)
! Sram
Submitted by KusogeMan on 2/25/2024 10:13:56 PM
Submission Comments
The strategies here are different frmo Endurance since the AI is better despite being in the same difficulty, the CPU uses the breaker mechanic very often, i manipulated for that not to happen and the stage selection can hamper your optimal combo selection, i had few bad stages in terms of size.I believe Endurance was made to have worse AI as the challenge for a normal player is bigger.
This is REAL TIME objective so i don't spam arena traps, this run uses the same settings as deadly alliance and sonic the fighters.
Not much to comment but i had to change some combo routes to avoid breaker and to adapt to character and stage sizes, this uses a new verification movie to make it more sync-able: it's faster as well and uses goro and creates KAF.
This beats all WRs in all consoles lol PS2 and XBOX are much faster for RTA but we ignore that here with the power of TAS and Satsui no Hadou.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Accepting as another save-anchored category alongside [5771] Wii Mortal Kombat: Armageddon "Endurance, Kreate-a-Fighter" by KusogeMan in 05:18.98, because it uses a different game mode. Both movies may have their branch label changed after some decision regarding savegame branching and labeling, and it looks like "savegame" fits them best, because it's the main point of those 2 branches, and KAF is not a game mode.

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