Submission #8955: Spikestuff's Flash Stick RPG Complete "100%, glitchless" in 03:36.09

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Adobe Flash
100%, glitchless
libTAS v1.4.5 // ruffle-nightly-2023-12-31
Submitted by Spikestuff on 3/22/2024 1:18:33 PM
Submission Comments
It's been 6 months... decided to just finally submit it, but with a slight improvement on the submission file (not reflected in the encode).
Photosensitivity Warning. Watch the alternative encode below and adjust to a slower speed if need be:
The definition for 100% is to unlock everything:
  • Get the skateboard from the kid.
    • Kill the kid. ($100)
  • Purchase all four houses. ($675,000)
  • Purchase all the items in the shop ($21,000 at Fine Line Furnishings).
  • Hotwire the yellow car (before day 365).
    • Earn the red sports car (day 365).
  • Become President or Dictator. ($200,000)
    • Intelligence, Strength and Charm have to be at 666 and Karma has to be above 0.
You need to have $896,100 minimum (not including good karma requirement) in order to do everything listed above.
Photosensitive version?
Delete Sprites > DefineSprite(243)
Splice where necessary.
Ok, so it is possible to have a no-mouse bounds.
However, the game actually culls everything, and finding the bounds to when something is available off-screen is inconsistent... when applying the logic from adobe flash to ruffle.
Possible improvements:
At the Create Character having the full 11/11/11 and 10 extra points to distribute would click down the time by a few frames (distributed to Strength & Intelligence), but finding that is out of reach.
At the Casino for Blackjack if our opening hand can be an immediate A/10 then that would've been more preferable.
Special thanks to rythin for the suitable system time of 74s which gives high and useful stats of 10/10/10 and 8 carried over.

InfoTeddy: Claiming for judging.
InfoTeddy: This is proof that gambling always wins. Accepting to Standard. (Note to publisher: Use --no-gui.)

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