Submission #9025: KusogeMan's Wii Mortal Kombat: Armageddon "Arcade" in 07:01.67

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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Dolphin 5.0 20571
25300 (Cycle Count 307392132765)
Dolphin 5.0 20571
Submitted by KusogeMan on 4/21/2024 4:45:39 PM
Submission Comments
This is one of the 2 runs created given a recent ruling in tasvideos that allows movies for the same goal to coexist as long as one is SRAM clean and the other actually uses SRAM made from a verification movie, I disagree with this ruling but decided to show off its practical result which i believe allows for less optimized strategies to exist in ways which aren't interesting at all. Since the Deadly Alliance SRAM using movie didn't obsolete the clean SRAM movie, I created these movies to use that rule to publish more TASes here on the site.
Moloch is the character chosen, he's one of this game's sub bosses and a big body character, a group of characters who have some juggle immunities, other juggles become knockdowns really hard to convert into combo unless in the wall and throw immunity from normal bodied characters. The group consists of Goro, Kintaro,Onaga and the game's final boss Blaze. Moloch's rounds are fast because he has some of the biggest damage in normal strings. There aren't other characters with this high level of damage dealing even between bosses! In RTA, Goro is the normal choice cause he has the unblockable to open up the enemies, but here we can simply manipulate and use a higher damage character. Sheeva was considered, as she has more damage than Goro, but her best rounds were slightly slower than Moloch in testing. I didn't discard her completely though, but this game has so many characters I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else comes up with some other strat. I did test thoroughly all the bosses to try to find something more obvious than Moloch's strat. You guys know already how MKA works so I won't comment further. Arcade mode max difficulty has more enemies breaking combos and here you see the effort taken to avoid wakeup options that have way too much invencibility.
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