Submission #9028: nymx's C64 The Tomb in 00:56.28

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Commodore 64
Bizhawk 2.9.1
Submitted by nymx on 4/21/2024 7:49:45 PM
Submission Comments

The Tomb (Compute's Gazette)

You are a brave Egyptologist, seeking relics and treasure in the pharaoh's tomb. You must maneuver your character to evade the three guardians of the tomb to retrieve the treasure from its resting place in the wall.
The article for this game can be found on page 58 of Compute's Gazette Issue 16 (October 1984)

Why TAS This Game?

The continuation of TASing games from my all-time favorite magazine, Compute's Gazette. This makes my 68th TAS from this series.
I remember this game very little. I believe that I typed it in, but not sure. However, I'm glad to finally getting around to this one. I do feel this game has a classic feel for the genre of games that existed back then. Only this one, was even more simple than most.

Game Difficulty and Ending

There is no difficulty selection, and no increase in difficulty from screen to screen. The ending occurs when the gold is snatched out of the tomb. There is clear indication of this, by a message being displayed. Thereafter, there is no more unique content and no difficulty increase. All that is seen, is three guardians...which move randomly.

Effort In TASing (Not BOTed)

The effort was very little. The only changes, from each run that I did, was to test different "Seed" RNG values. When I found the correct value, it was evident, as my progress wasn't hindered at all while moving towards the gold. How do you determine that? If you are able to advance to the right on each move...then its optimal. Some board layouts prevent this, which is why I ran the RND command to find the one that worked the best for speed.

Human Comparison

Even though this a VIC-20 version, it represents the game as it is on the C64.
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