Submission #9066: CloakTheLurker's ZXS Cloak of Darkness in 00:53.71
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ZX Spectrum
Cloak of Darkness
BizHawk 2.9.1
CoD Quill.tzx
Submitted by CloakTheLurker on 5/13/2024 4:43:17 PM
Submission Comments
Cloak of Darkness is a short text adventure game created by Roger Firth, meant as a benchmark for comparing between interactive fiction engines. For this reason, many different ports exist for different engines and platforms. The goal of this game is to find a message inside an opera house. The game begins with our protagonist wearing the titular Cloak (no, not me 😛).
This run was made with a port by Richard Bos for the ZX Spectrum written in The Quill, a text adventure engine that was very popular in the ZX's lifetime. The port also uses The Illustrator, an add-on that supports graphics. The game's five ports were released as freeware. For more info, I uploaded the game's manual on my Neocities.
I manually tape skip to the 16K version of the port since it only has text. I used this solution from CASA. I also made a run with the port from a BASIC engine created by Peter Gerrard, but it was slower overall.
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