Submission #9120: Randomno's Windows Chrome Dino in 02:37.63

Chrome Dino
libTAS 1.4.5 + PCem 17+st-1
Submitted by Randomno on 6/8/2024 8:19 AM
Submission Comments
Browser: IA32 build here.
Game: Sourced from Chromium 127.0.6491.0. Visit chrome://network-error/-106 and save the page. Comment out line 6684. Add the 3 audio sources (these are visible with inspect element on the page, but don't get saved). Resulting HTML file.
VB Script to make shortcut: here.
Take the basilisk folder and the other two files to make the ISO. MD5: 7cb998e8a82cb51d9963486cc740571f
After running the verification movie:
windowsxp.img - f83e79d593a6552d807f2aadcdd642be
windowsxp.ga686bx.nvr - 8ad827a30f924dad3146b2bfac70ed7b
Keep the CD in for the movie.

About the movie

As you probably know, this game is hidden on the no internet screen on Chrome browsers. It was hard to find a browser that would run it in PCem. The latest supported Chrome version would freeze completely, and the latest supported Firefox version wouldn't run the game properly (since it was never designed for non-Chrome browsers). I eventually found this fork of Basilisk that's being maintained for processors without SSE instructions.
The movie ends when the dino reaches the maximum of 13 speed. This can be checked with Runner.instance_.currentSpeed in the browser console. It's also fairly easy to find in memory: it's a double with a value of 6 at the start of the game.
I think the speed only increases on draw frames, so the bad lag makes it take longer. I had to deal with desyncs from loading savestates which meant redoing the movie several times.
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