Submission #9121: NemoRuby's NES Rockman 5: Metropolis in 30:50.65

Nintendo Entertainment System
Rockman 5: Metropolis
FCEUX 2.6.6
Rockman 5 -Metropolis ENG
Submitted by NemoRuby on 6/9/2024 2:55 AM
Submission Comments
Rockman 5 Metropolis, graphics, sprites, enemies, levels, colors, music, weapons, and bosses have been modified. The mechanics of the game is that of a faster Megaman, graphics from different NES games were used. The slide movement was replaced with dash movement from Megaman X.
Weapon swapping using the SELECT button: SELECT, normal order; DOWN+SELECT, reverse order.
There're two language in this hack:English and Spanish.And the version is 1.1a.I picked the english:
Rom check sum:cb32c3dadf568180565d76f175731242
Game Objective
-Aim for fastest time
-Take intentional damage
Stage order:Star->Gravity->Stone->Gryo->Charge->Crystal->Wave->Napalm
I'm unsatisfied that the arrow zipping dosen't work.Only great work are boss refight skip and arrow screen scrolling.Seems the hack's author fixed the arrow zipping wall cilp.Second,the hack level's layout is pretty complex and too much detour way.In the life bar perspective,each robot's damage is 3,excpet crystal man.Crystal man's damage is 4 as you pick dragon kick(aka charge kick).I pick the gradius shield when you reached the robot battle.That can get 1 hit early.One of difficult is crystal man's fighting pattern.You can't do that in the mid-air with dragon kick,only one way just wait him down and hit him.
Overall,I've try as hard as I can do with this game
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