Submission #9129: Mikewillplays's Flash TWEE in 04:05.90

Adobe Flash
libTAS version 1.4.5 + ruffle-nightly-2024_01_16
Submitted by Mikewillplays on 6/15/2024 4:46 PM
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Movie information

About the game and movie

TWEE is a flash game developed by codinsoft and released in 2010. The game follows the titular Twee, whose girlfriend Tweeny has been captured by a giant gorilla.
This movie aims to complete the final level as fast as possible, and it accomplishes that task over 3 minutes faster than the current WR by Gltch

General facts

If you look at online playthroughs of the game and look back at this movie, you will notice the different font used for the text. I believe this is a Ruffle bug, since if you try playing with the file I used on the Standalone Flash Player, it looks fine.
Wall bumping
If you bump into a wall, you will lose all of your current speed, so avoiding that is a really important part of this run. I usually avoid this by slightly moving to the left, which is why I call this mechanic Turnaround.
This game has three powerups, those being a pepper, a bubble and a shroom, the pepper is by far the best, mostly because it has the largest range.
This game has many cycles, mostly for platforms and enemies, and these cycles load when you load a level.
The only RNG mechanic in the game is what powerup comes out of a block when you hit it, and this can be manipulated through many things, but it's easier to just manipulate the system time.

Mechanically, this game is very simple, which is why there isn't much to say.


Since this is a linear game, you might expect it to not have any routing, but you would be wrong, let me explain. I need a powerup for the final level, and I chose two possible candidates, collecting it on 2-3 or 3-3, I tested both routes, and collecting the powerup on 3-3 ended up being faster by 16 frames, or half a second. You can see the comparison here

Level-by-Level Commentary

World 1

This level is pretty simple, just involving moving right and jumping in specific positions. This is the only "perfect" stage, what I mean by this is that I never slow down, meaning it could not be faster unless a speed glitch is found.
The first thing I do in this stage is go to the top to collect those items, this does waste time, but since there's a platform that I need to wait for, it doesn't waste time overall. After some more basic movement I reach a horizontally moving platform, which I try to stay in for as long as possible, this is because my speed increases while the platform is moving to the right.
This stage is also just normal movement, with turnarounds to avoid bumping into walls, which should always be avoided unless it's unnecessary.

World 2

I do some turnarounds to avoid getting hit by the bee, and then I take damage from the spikes in order to pass through the bird without having to slow down. After that it's just basic movement to the end.
I start this stage by performing a cycle skip, which skips the need for the platform to start moving right. Then I reach a spring, in here I go to the left block and jump to the right, even though it looks like it, you can't actually make that jump with the spring alone. After that it's just normal movement with some turnarounds.
The start of this stage is very similar to the beginning of level 2-1, where I also damage boost in order to pass through an enemy, with this boost, I drop down to one single heart, which means I cannot do another damage boost until I either die or collect another heart. The ice blocks in the end don't make you go any faster.

World 3

After some regular movement with turnarounds to avoid enemies, I reach another platform cycle in the end, and unfortunately I had to wait.
In the beginning, there are two paths, one being the top path, and the other being the bottom platform, and even though you move faster in the bottom platform, it's sill faster to go through the top path in order to avoid waiting. After that it's just regular movement with turnarounds until the end.
To avoid the monkey, I jump above him, this is because landing on him also counts as a hit against you, for some reason, meaning I can't land on him without dying (and losing a good chunk of time). After that, I collect a pepper, which is a powerup that allows me to shoot fireballs that hurt enemies, this is mostly used for the final boss, which is sped up significantly by it, but it's also useful outside of the boss. I choose to collect it here because there's a platform cycle, which means I don't really waste any time, I didn't have to manipulate RNG in order to get the pepper, so I was pretty lucky in that regard. After that, it's just the type of movement you've been seeing throughout the TAS.

World 4

After the platform cycle in the beginning of this level, it's just regular movement until the end with turnarounds when necessary.
This stage is pretty basic for the second to last stage in the game, it's just normal movement with turnarounds.
This is the final stage, which includes a gorilla boss in the end. The gorilla takes 5 hits to kill, and each hit has a cooldown, the reason why I collected the pepper is to start hitting him earlier, not only that, but also because it allows me to end the fight closer to Tweeny, which makes it possible to cease inputs before the gorilla even dies.

Heaven pull (unused glitch)

If you land on a vertically moving platform at a very precise time, every single entity, including the UI, moves to the top of the screen, I have no idea why it happens. It's pretty useless, hell I purposefully avoid it in 2-1, but there's a place where I could've used it, and it was on 3-1. When I got the pepper on 2-3 on the older route, I was be faster on 3-1, and because of that, I was able to do this, and it was actually faster than waiting! You can still see it on the comparison video I showed earlier.

The future

I plan on doing a "maximum score" run, which involves collecting every item, hitting almost every block and killing every enemy, it's going to be harder to make, but it probably won't take that long.

Suggested screenshot

Frame 5348
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