Submission #9130: Sam_Underscore's DS Gummy Bears MiniGolf in 07:39.06

Nintendo DS
(Submitted: Gummy Bears Mini Golf)
Bizhawk 2.9
Submitted by Sam_Underscore on 6/16/2024 4:09 AM
Submission Comments
This is a TAS of the game Gummy Bears Mini Golf. It has 2 versions, one for Wii and one for DS. The Wii version has already been TASed ( but the DS version is different in enough ways (physics, graphics, audio, input, etc) to easily be considered a different game than the Wii version. The goal of this TAS is to get the "Gummy Bear Crown" (which is clearly a trophy but whatever). To get this, you have to complete the last hole on the Candy Land course. The only way to do this is to go through every hole and unlock course after course.
In each stage, I try to get a hole in one as it is always fastest, seeing as you don't have to wait for the ball to slow down and in some cases for the "Well Done" cutscene tp show. My only three methods of control are how hard I hit the ball, the angle the ball is hit at, and sidling left and right. In the TAS, I manage to get hole in ones on all but three holes. I also make sure to optimize for speed by adjusting the power of the hits and the angle. On two of the three holes that take two strokes to get in, I am able to get it in such a position that the "Well Done" cutscene doesn't play. The biggest potential time save in the run would potentially be finding a way to skip the "Well Done" cutscene on Adventure Park 5, but I couldn't find a way to do so after much trial and error.
Kind of a weird choice for a game, with it being "Gummy Bear Mini Golf" and everything, but... mini golf games are fun. Thanks for watching, and God Bless.

CoolHandMike: Claiming for judging.
CoolHandMike: Charming minigolf game with gummy bears of all things that I ended up enjoying. Good job on the various holes. The ones that you had to take an extra stroke are very clearly more difficult or longer than the other ones. Hole 5 in particular also looked tricky with that bouncing over the OOB area. On all the holes you aimed and shot very quickly with only a couple needing that strafing movement side to side. Optimization was on point when testing.
Accepting this to Standard.
Note: also syncs on Bizhawk 2.9.1.

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