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Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Malomyotismon route or Longest path, Hard
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Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (USA).rvz
Submitted by KusogeMan on 6/16/2024 7:55 AM
Submission Comments
THIS IS NOT A SRAM MOVIE. Using Saved game to unlock bosses would probably allow for faster times, but this game isn't very well researched as there aren't many speedrun examples for it.
I take the path with the most enemies to finish the game, as it's considered the hardest challenge in Single Player mode, playing on Hard difficulty.
Palmon was chosen for it's bizarre speedup glitch with the air move in Lillymon form and the still not entirely understood glitch with downB special. The glitch consists in using Lillymon's DownB special which normally is just a slow damage over time to have it's damage amplified while enemies are in a unescapable knockdown state. Palmon DownB special puts enemies into sleep so it's used as an alternative for pushing enemies out of the stage.
In this path chosen, for most of the fights chars can't be killed with falling out of the arena or walls don't exist in a safe space to combo enemies against it though so the character selection change a lot.. I believe some of the bosses that are unlockable could improve this.
Below are shared or universal abilities of all characters:
-Normal Attack A simple hit that upon connection makes an instant combo if tapped. You can also target your attack upwards or downwards by pressing in the desired direction. Attack upwards will juggle or knock air-bourne foes down. Attack downwards will usually sweep an opponent of their feet or hit a grounded opponent. Note that any special move will link after a Normal Attack combo, but that doesn't mean EVERY last interrupt will create an inescapable combo. If you press down+normal while in air, you will cause yourself to slam downwards and flatten foes. They will also be dizzed by this if you land directy on top of them. Certain characters will either perform a diagonal air-dive by pressing normal attack while air-bourne or an air-dash attack.
-Special Attack Varies from character to character, but in many instances the same result. By itself it usually performs a projectile. Combined by pressing up will usually result in an anti-air/uppercut attack. Lastly, combined by pressing down will usually perform the Digimon's most unique ability. Some special attacks can be charged or delayed by holding this button down.
-Jump Makes you jump quite obviously, but every single character can perform a double jump by pressing this twice, even tin cans and pinatas. One character can even triple jump and another can high jump.
-Gaurd You can gaurd while on the ground when either standing or crouching. This is interchangeable while holding the gaurd button down. You CANNOT air gaurd.
-Evo If your evolution meter is full and you are a first or second stage Digimon, you will evolve to your next stage. While evolving, you are invincible, including about three seconds after you finish evolving. Additionally, while evolving, your blue aura acts as a shield that will nullify projectiles and beams. If your Digimon is at its final stage, this button will activate its Ultra attack, which generally is the most powerful attack available to them. Also, during an Ultra attack, you are invulnerable.
-Healing If you have any evo energy in your meter, you can heal yourself gradually by holding down gaurd+normal attack. This will quickly drain your guage, but the small amount of vitality you gain could very well be worth it.
-Charge Blast If you press gaurd+special attack when your Digimon is in its final stage, it will perform a powerful attack. If you hold the two buttons down, you will charge the attack, making it more powerful or/and adding more shots or/and longer range. This attack always has a bit of start-up delay, so don't abuse it too often.
-Walk/Creep You can augment your movement speed by slightly leaning your joystick left or right. This, of course, is only possible through an analog control method (i.e. the GameCube's joystick) and not the cross pad.
-Grab Pressing the grab button will cause your Digimon to reach forward. If an opponent should be within reach, you will pick them up and be able to carry them. It is at this point that you can then throw them. It is espcially a good idea to toss them off into a pit or into a wall.
-Rapid Recover Rapidly mash directions to speed up your recovery rate getting up from the ground, air-recovery, dizziness or to escape a throw. You can also use this to escape from combos, if you're quick enough.
Judging relevant comments:
Considering the fact this game has literally a route for each boss and each boss is an unlockable by itself, it could be a case in which it would be publishable separate runs for each boss. This is just a thought and I hope the entertainment value and glitch novelty this run stands by itself even if this specific reasoning isn't considered valid. I have TASed this game before but this is the first time I thought the longest path could have something different to offer in terms of gameplay. The number of characters and different stage setups clearly favored more character experimentation than simply playing the shortest path.
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