Submission #9141: Owlineee's SNES Lamborghini: American Challenge "Any%" in 05:51.34

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Lamborghini: American Challenge
BizHawk 2.9.1
Lamborghini American Challenge (USA)
Submitted by Owlineee on 6/24/2024 2:59 PM
Submission Comments
I did a any% TAS of the game with new strats which we use on speedrun of this game. These new strats save a lot of time and you can finish this game in 5 minutes or minus. These strats are the new route found to do the money glitch which you need to get the 10.000$ on the flag near New York and going to Chicago track and get the police more faster than the other route in the other TAS made by Laranja. To enter Chicago you only need 16.000$ and you start the game with 6.000$ which helps a lot to do the bug losing all the money to get the glitched money. After reaching 30% or 32% of the track normally the police is found there. But in speedrunning we found the police in other percentage of the track, but get this is completely RNG. After doing the glitch, I go to the shop and I purchase everything there. With this I have the best car with the best settings to race, and with the money all the tracks are opened and I can do the Big Stars, which I can pass to the other division until reach in the last division of the game and finish. I did the TAS without hitting anything in the track to be more faster and because if you hit anything, you need to repair the car which costs time. The other strat found by Icenine is press Start and Select after reaching 100% of the track, with this, you don't need to stop the car anymore after completing the track until the end. And saves a lot of time too, because you can lose time stopping the car. I used BizHawk 2.9.1 to do this TAS with BSNES Core, normally I use SNES9X. But I wanted the TAS more accurate. The SHA1 is 62AFA5E2BD795C9B205421E9B50DB175BC04B527, rerecord 195 and the length of 00:05:51.338, but the TAS stops after the last input to get the credits, and starts when the menu is showing on the beginning. In the BizHawk I didn't any configuration, the emulator is on default, I only choose to put the frames and inputs on the screen only putting some hotkeys to use the save states and the controller which I like to use and put the BSNES Core.

nymx: Claiming for judging.
nymx: Owlineee, welcome to TASVideos. In this community, we do operate a bit differently than in a speed running community. For one, beating a previous time on this site is not enough. Here, we use other metrics to determine the acceptance of a submission. In this case, I have analyzed the difference between your submitted TAS and the WR holder, jeetalha, and it is very clear that the human record has many mistakes in it. Pertaining to your run, it is much cleaner and avoids all those car bumps that jeetalha tried to get around. Because the ending time was very close to yours, it only means that the implementation of the "Money glitch", in combination with other strategies, was not fully optimized. This could have probably been avoided, if a rework was committed to...using TASStudio to develop those inputs, frame by frame. In addition, using these tools would have also shown ways to control RNG, AI, or have pixel perfect avoidance of other vehicles. In most cases, using a controller alone is not enough to get the optimal results that we are looking for, unless those inputs are revisited manually to further the optimization.
I see that you are #3 in the speed running community for this you certainly know your stuff; however, after analyzing this run...I only see that improvements can be made. We are not talking about submitting a perfect run, but we want to have a pretty solid run that is not easily beaten by others. With a re-record count of 195, it doesn't seem that a lot of effort was put into making this a stronger TAS.
I'm sorry, but in this case I'm rejecting this submission for optimization reasons.
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