Submission #9173: McBobX's GBA Naruto: Ninja Council in 10:14.98

Game Boy Advance
Naruto: Ninja Council
BizHawk 2.9.1
Naruto - Ninja Council (USA).gba
Submitted by McBobX on 7/9/2024 12:53 PM
Submission Comments

Naruto: Ninja Council in 10:14.98

TASing and Ninja! Name a better duo! (I mean there are better duos but just wanted to say something :P)
This run is about 3444 frames faster than current published run (around 57.66 seconds). Big part is the usage of air kick or Wind Scroll to get off screen and skip some puzzles, as well as better optimizations throughout the run.[1]

Extra jump heights

  • The layouts of stages in this game do not seem to have "hidden ceiling", so if there is a way to get off screen, you can actually get over some barriers (walls or large trees) and continue. This game also has hard and boring puzzles most of the time under those barriers, which makes the most sense and convenient to skip them. Luckily, there are always good hit targets to gain extra jump enough to get past those barriers. This is the main time save source that we have over the current run.
  • This trick is most used in Seaside Bridge Act 2, Grassy Plain Act 1, Village Hidden in the Leaves (both Acts), and Ninja Academy (both Acts).

Quick notes

  • Most of the improvements come from the extra jump height trick, however, there is big chunk coming from better optimizations.
  • Boss fights have pretty random patterns that change by either doing a certain action or just delaying attacks.
  • Jumping in this game is so slow, and it is actually faster to do damage boosting than jumping over enemies. However, have a necessary jump may allow you to get through enemies hitbox without getting hit. From what I noticed, it is pretty random, and during a jump you can somewhat manipulates RNG to get that (doesn't go nice most of the time though).
  • In Seaside Bridge Act 2, I skip the crawling puzzle by using an air kick on the enemy the puzzle zone.
  • In Grassy Plain Act 1, I try to have the crows do a quick damage boost so they return to their old position, because it is the best their do an air kick and get above the tree.
  • In Village Hidden in the Leaves, same thing as before, crows help a ton here and allow for higher air kick and they were in a good position
  • In Ninja Academy, here I benefit the most from Wind Scroll tornados, allowing for easy skips which saves a good amount of time!
  • Sometimes, I stand still a lot doing nothing, it is because I have to wait for the MP meter increase. It is quite boring but necessary for the Jutsu or scrolls usage.

Improvements table[1]

ActOld RunNew RunFrames Saved (Old - New)
Seaside Bridge 136553386269
Seaside Bridge 222931872421
Mountain Trail 12566249175
Mountain Trail 21968189771
Grassy Plain 127572421336
Grassy Plain 22018198929
Leaf Village Forest 132463115131
Leaf Village Forest 230812938143
Village Hidden in the Leaves 134932802691
Village Hidden in the Leaves 224621860602
Ninja Academy 132273008219
Ninja Academy 225822407175
Village Mountain 128572756101
Village Mountain 239703789181

Special thanks

  • Cardboard: for his TAS as it provided a baseline to check from.
  • Scrub Busta: He's the current World Record holder for this game, and his compilation video was very helpful.

Suggested screenshot

Frame: 28994

[1]: All times converted to match mGBA's FPS (59.7275006) for accurate differences. Bios intro length (about 271 frames) was also added to match this run's frame count.
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