Submission #9: Cherry's Genesis Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Movie 4 in 19:51.32

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version USAMighty Morphin Power Rangers Frame Count 71479
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1054
Unknown Authors Cherry
Game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Submitted by Cherry on 6/7/2004 10:06:44 PM

Submission Comments
Nickname: CherryMay
Real Initials: E.S. (Though, I use 'CRY' as in-game initials)
Once again, this is a perfect play/speedrun mix.
  • Played on Hard Mode
  • No damage ever taken
  • Mix of characters used
  • Semi-hidden Lord Zedd boss route taken
  • All items collected
  • Final score of 928,000
And, once again, as its actual gameplay design is incredibly similar to Sailor Moon (and all Final Fight-esque games), it can become repetitive at times watching it back. Still, I find it more interesting to watch than many NES games even so. :)

Bisqwit: The repetitiveness...
I imagine myself watching someone playing this game on an arcade machine (the "credits" helps at that), and I imagine myself getting bored rather quickly.
Rejecting this submission.

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