This page documents guidelines and responsibilities of the administrative user roles. For a listing of specific permissions, see Permissions.


No one has more influence on the perception of the site and the community than the Site Admin. Therefore, how you conduct yourself is of upmost priority. Set standards and ensure people follow. Site Admins must ensure they and the rest of the staff are adhering to appropriate Staff Conduct. In addition, show leadership and inspire the community. (See Staff/SoftSkills).


It is expected that users holding the Site Admin role be active participants in the site (active does not necessitate a large time commitment).
They should be reliable especially when needed for duties available only to their roles. In addition, Site Admin's need to drive site policy and decisions. Note that this does not mean to make the decisions unilaterally. Where appropriate, the staff and community need to be involved.


We win as a team. The success of Tool-assisted Speedrunning and the site and it's community have been based on communal effort. As a site admin, the most important goal is to find enthusiastic and capable users to delegate various site activities to. As a site admin, it is expected that roles get defined and redefined as needed to adapt to the changing site needs. Users should be considered for filling these positions, and trained if needed. It is also important that these staff members work together as a team and collaborate and support one another.
If it can be delegated, consider delegating it, and only doing the work if delegation fails.


Don't try to invent perfect policies. It's impossible to predict the future exactly and to account for it in advance. Instead just be ready to revisit any approach that gets questioned by the community. Gradual steady improvement is the only way to ensure policies keep making sense. And in order to make sense they should feel natural and be easily explainable.
Don't be afraid of the policies not working in the future, just treat it as a game where you have to adapt to evolving reality, which makes you evolve together with it.

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