This page documents features and implementation of the rerecording implementation of Bizhawk. BizHawk strives to be fully compliant with the Laws of TAS


BizHawk has all the major features in a typical rerecording emulator

Loadstate Errors

Errors that appear when rerecording
* GUID Mismatch Error
All movies have a unique GUID. Savestates store this value. This error occurs when the user attempts to load a .state file created from another movie. It is a soft error, the user will be asked if they wish to proceed.
* Timeline Error
When loading a state in Read-only mode, a timeline check will occur. Each frame of the savestate and the movie will be compared. It will compare all the frames of a savestate or the movie, whichever is shorter. If the savestate deviates from the movie this error will occur. It will also notify the frame at which the savestate branches from the current movie.
Note: BizHawk savestates save the entire movie into the savestate even if the savestate is made before the end of the movie. It also stores the frame count at which the state is saved. The length of a savestate is defined as the frames until this value. When doing a timeline check, frames beyond this point are not compared.
* Future Event Error
When loading a state in Read-only mode, if the savestate is from an event after the end of the movie, this error will be thrown. You can not load an event that has not yet occurred in the movie!

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