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I am getting this error: "To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v4.0.30319"

You computer did not have .NET Framework 4 installed on it and BizHawk requires this framework. The Prereqs installer provided will fix this. You can also get this from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17851 Microsoft

Games are running way too fast even with Config -> Speed/Skip -> Limit Framerate On

Your computer hardware may not be accurately reporting time. See this article to see if this is your issue. Adding /usepmtimer to your boot.ini may fix this. Refer this on how to add multiple boot configs (do this temporarily in case this line causes a boot failure)

What does BizHawk mean?

BizHawk is Hawk Biz.

Running Games

I get the error "You are missing the needed firmware files to load this Rom"

This is due to not having the Firmware/BIOS file(s) in the Firmware folder.

Where can I find the Firmware files?

You need to dump them from the hardware. They are not legally download able due to being copyrighted.


My TAStudio project got corrupted and doesn't load anymore. What do I do?

TAStudio projects are .zip files. Get latest 7zip, open your .tasproj with it, and remove the GreenZone file.
If it can't remove it, unzip the whole .tasproj to some folder (ignore the errors/warnings), remove the GreenZone file, compress everything back to .zip, and rename that to .tasproj.

Recording a video

How do I make it stop splitting the video near 2GB?

How to prevent splitting on resolution changes?

The resizing filter is Nearest Neighbor.
Another option (allows to control resizing filter):

The recorded video has tiny resolution. How to fix that?

Do the same as right above, just set some real high resolution. In this case you won't need lossless video, so pick something lighter:

Crashes And Such

Out of memory errors while recording movies

Use config > customize > Store movie working data on disk instead of RAM - This will eliminate most of the possible out of memory errors by simply not using RAM. This option has been well-validated.
Use config > customize > Store movie working data in extended > 1GB Ram - This option is useful on 64bit systems with >=8GB of RAM - `AWE` is employed to access more memory than normal in a 32bit process. As mentioned, this has not yet been well validated and may require admin permissions.

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