Things you need

MinGW and MSYSYou can find them at Look for the Current MSYS and Current MinGW. Everything else can be ignored unless you know what you're doing.
libSDL for MinGWYou can find it at
The DirectX 7a headers and libraries for MinGWYou can find it at
ZlibYou can find it at
Windows API libraries
FCEU sourceWhich I think you should have since you want to compile it! ;)

Things to do

  1. Install MinGW and MSYS.
    • Simply run the EXEs and follow the directions. Install MSYS AFTER MinGW
  2. Install the DirectX 7 headers and libraries and Windows API libraries
    • Simply unzip the archive to C:\MinGW. There will be an include folder and a lib folder. Do NOT extract to C:\MinGW\dx70_mgw. Or you can extract to some folder and copy the include and lib folder over the C:\MinGW directory. You should do the same thing with Windows API libraries.
  3. Install libSDL.
    • Start MSYS and put SDL-devel-1.x.x.mingw.tar.gz in your home directory. The path will be something like c:\msys\1.0\home\|username|
  4. Untar the archive
    • gzip -cd SDL-devel-1.x.x.mingw.tar.gz | tar x
  5. Now build libSDL
    • make install-sdl prefix=/mingw
  6. Install Zlib
    • Stay in MSYS, or reopen it if you closed it. Put the zlib-1.x.x.tar.gz archive in your MSYS home dir.
  7. Untar the archive
    • tar xvfz zlib-1.x.x.tar.gz or for bz2 tar xvfj zlib-1.x.x.tar.bz2
  8. Now change to zlib directory
    • cd zlib-1.x.x
  9. Configure and build zlib
    • ./configure --prefix=/mingw make && make install
  10. Compile fceu
    • Stay in MSYS, or reopen it if you closed it. Extract fceu-0.98.12-blip.src.rar to c:\msys\1.0\home\|username| .
  11. Change to the fceu directory
    • cd fceu-0.98.12-blip.src
  12. Configure the Makefile
    • ./configure --with-nativewin32 or for opengl ./configure --with-nativewin32 --with-opengl
  13. Build the resource file
    • windres -o src/res.o src/drivers/win/res.res
  14. Now make
    • make
  15. Strip the executable to make it small (this is optional)
    • Staying in MSYS, run the strip program.
    • strip -s src/fceu.exe
  16. After being "stripped", I suggest using upx,, to compress the executable.
    • The program should be in your home directory under c:\msys\1.0\home\|username|\fceu-0.98.26\src\fceu.exe

feos: For the sake of science, I tried compiling this on my Windows. It appears to heavily depend on old libs and compilers, and after solving that, it built a silent program for me. If anyone has success trying it out, please post here or PM me.

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