.fcm files made with older versions of FCEU may desync on FCEU.28.
This page describes a brief history of older FCEU rerecording versions and sync differences. All older versions are available in the downloads section.


This was the first widely used FCEU rerecording branch. TAS features were implemented by Blip. Nearly all NES TAS movies made in 2004-2005 were made with this version.
Note: If capturing AVI's of these older movies, use the AVI capture fix version of .12


Many new features added by Nitsuja. However, some sync differences were introduced. Some movies (such as Dragon Warrior 4) made with .12 no longer synced.


More new features/enhancements/bug fixes added by Nitsuja. There maybe some sync differences between .13 and .15. Few movies were made with .13 since the .15 release was so soon after.


New TAS tools added by luke including basicbot & memory watch. However, it introduced sync differences compared to .15
This was the primary version used for many movies in 2005 & 2006.


All versions of FCEU (.17-.28) should have the same sync. FCEU.28 is the last version made as the project was abandoned in favor of FCEUX.

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