Famtasia is no longer allowed for submissions on this site.
Famtasia is a Windows-only NES emulator. It is deprecated and no longer under development.
Historically, Famtasia is important as it was the first emulator supported by this site, and the emulator that Morimoto used for his Super Mario Bros. 3 TAS. Despite its shortcomings, it was widely accepted until FCE Ultra was introduced.


Famtasia has various shortcomings, some of which include the following:
blip improved Famtasia using various patches.
Famtasia (patch machine)
Official homepage of Famtasia

Famtasia ROM Loading Error

When Famtasia says "This file is maybe illegal image" as shown in the image at left and refuses to load your ROM, it's because the ROM is garbled.
The most common reason for this is the "DiskDude!" advertisement tag in the ROM header.
The .NES file format specification states that those bytes should be zero, so Famtasia expects them to be. You can zero those 9 bytes with a hex editor if this is the problem for you.
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