This page describes Grrl, ideamagnate's hack of the Gens emulator to provide support for rerecording and RAM search capabilities in Linux without the need for a win32 API emulation layer such as Wine.



As it stands, Grrl is a minimal effort project to make Gens on Linux usable for TASing by providing some basic features. It is lacking in some of the features found in Upthorn's win32 build. The main reason for this is that Jyzero's original TAS additions made the Gens source win32-specific[1] and nobody has taken the time to make the code cross-platform again.
The most striking difference is the absence of a GUI. This results in much faster navigation and simplified source, but makes the program more difficult to use until a user learns the commands he needs.

Source Code and Binaries

Grrl continues to be available under the terms of the GPL. To build it you'll need to install the libreadline, libsdl and x11 header files. In Debian, the packages are libsdl1.2-dev, libreadline5-dev and libx11-dev. Other required packages include nasm.
The Subversion repository has the most recent version of the code and is generally updated whenever a significant change is made. Anonymous checkout can be done by running the following command
svn co svn://
Future versions may require libconfig, although it will be statically linked in any distributed binaries. If you wish to compile Grrl once libconfig is a requirement, do the following to install, in addition to the typical ./configure && make && make install. Make sure that the directory where is installed (/usr/local/lib by default) is in /etc/ or a file included by Run ldconfig so the dynamic linker can find libconfig and you should be able to build Grrl.


svn (revision 61)

v1 (2006/04/27)

[1]Having a win32-only TAS-friendly version of Gens is far better than having none at all. Having a cross-platform version would be even better.

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