Conditions on which the TASvideos site can start accepting and publishing movies for a new emulator.
Note: These are rules from the site maintainer perspective.
The page EmulatorResources/Features lists which features are desired by the players.

Movie files

Obviously, the emulator must be capable of creating a movie file that it can later replay.


Naturally, it must be possible to create tool-assisted movies on the emulator. This includes the absolute minimum of adjusting the emulation speed and sync-robust savestates.
Other tools favored for TAS making are listed on Desired Emulator Features.

Emulation quality

The emulation should be as close to the original product as possible. What qualifies as "enough" can only be discussed.

Movie authenticity

On this site, movies are usually made in the form of speed records, that will be challenged by other players. It is therefore mandatory to provide a common ground for all movies of a particular system. That common ground is usually decided to be power-on or reset.

Other movie information

By tradition, we require also that the movie indicates the number of rerecords used in creating the movie, and includes a field for the author in which they can fill their name (preferably utf-8 encoded to be international-friendly).
All information contained within the movie file must be parseable and interpretable without access to the game or the emulator (complete documentation of the movie file format is required).


The emulator must be freely available via Internet without subscriptions or fees.
Different releases should remain available for as long as possible, not only because people may still be using them (so we'll need to sync their movies), but also because replaying them years later may be needed for something (encoding, comparison, etc).
Sometimes we let some of those requirements slip, but doing so will increase the work our encoders and judges have to do, so it is preferred that those rules are met.

Possible to make AVI

It should be possible to create an AVI from the emulator.
It should have a proper audio/video sync.

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