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feos wrote:
AnS' articles were almost unachievable via random googling, only my WikiPedia article gathered all links to them. So I can hardly say he was really popularising TAS. He just geve SOME info in SOME good articles. but the main concept of TASing stayed almost unnoticed. But having the actual Russian branch we can give some explanations of HOW TO TAS, submit & encode. It was my desire as you know.
AnS didn't only write articles, he also discussed the topic on forums he visited. It's not his fault not many people were interested: it's a very niche concept worldwide, but even more so in our country. Also, not sure what you mean by the main concept of TASing staying unnoticed.
Warp wrote:
Edit: I think I understand now: It's my avatar, isn't it? It makes me look angry.
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Warp wrote:
(Or if you want to make it humorous, "forum på finska".)
We should definitely use this out of spite :)
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moozooh I mean very few people even now can adequately understand the phenomenon of TAS. They keep thinking it's the simplification of gaming, while it actually is its complication. Almost nothing can change their minds. It's because they used to play with no saves at all too much. [/offtopic]
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samurai goroh wrote:
Nach wrote:
Can each of you who is expert in your language write how to say "<language> forum" in your language? I'm going to use it for a link on the site. Thanks.
"Spanish Forum" -> "Foro en Español"
In Spanish, names of languages aren't spelled capitalized, so the correct way to write it would be "Foro en español".
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Oh yea, seems you're right Zeupar. Guess I got confused with the rules in English XD
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That can usualy happen. I also got confused in those things, being Spanish my native language. BTW I'll also try to help in that forum.
Post subject: Re: Non English Forums
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Nach wrote:
Help these members understand TASing, and how to submit videos to our site. Or how to submit WIPs. Perhaps offer to clarify feedback to them, or explain TASing terms which isn't covered by your standard English courses in school.
I surpose that the cultural problem is bigger than the language problem. That suggests that those people would be more likely to seek help from their native sources.
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