Post subject: Overclocking FBA-rr?
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I read somewhere that it's possible to overclock Final Burn or something. Here's the article: "Final burn alpha allows for overclocking of Neo Geo games. All Neo Geo should run at full speed when overclocked. " I want to do this in order to play Metal Slug 2 without slowdown. But it's not explaining how to overclock the emulator. How can I do it?
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So I've been messing around with some settings in FBA-rr and discovered the "Adjust CPU setting." It's set to 100% by default, but when it's set to max (200%), it can significantly reduce lag, if not completely eliminate the lag. This makes some games like Metal Slug 2, which have insane amounts of lag, completely playable at full speed. I was able to record movies with this setting enabled and play them back without any desyncs (this probably needs to be tested more). Is it acceptable to make and submit movies with this setting enabled?
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zk547 wrote:
Is it acceptable to make and submit movies with this setting enabled?
Wasn't ever considered, but I guess it isn't acceptable, as it would emulate a modified hardware which we don't allow.
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