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About the game

Alex Kidd: High Tech World is a action video game with platforming and adventure elements, released by Sega in 1987 for the Sega Master System,that is part of the Alex Kidd series

Game objectives

  • aims fastset time
  • Emulator used: bizhawk 1.9.1

Samsara: Fixed game name, and claiming this for judging. Also embedded arandomgameTASer's temp encode. Fixed game name once again to be consistent with the rest of the published Alex Kidd games.
Samsara: Submission updated with a 15 frame faster file. Previous time: 07:50.89

Samsara: Setting to delayed, pending possible improvements by the author.

Samsara: I'm rejecting this movie for the reasons outlined in this post. While the overall optimization is good, the new route and new trick outlined and shown in the post prove that this run can be improved by over 40 seconds.

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User movie #27250551147300906 Aside from this lazy test of the much faster bribing route (this test is nearly 40 seconds faster and I didn't bother routing the coin collection, so it could possibly be improved even further), I found a trick that can be used all throughout the rest of the run: Instead of letting Alex slow down to a stop before entering doors or interacting with things, you can press down for one frame to stop him in his tracks and enter doors/interact with things 4-5 frames faster. This is used in the town section at the end of the userfile if you need an example. This time around, if you still want to work on this game for some reason, please redo the entirety of the movie with the new tricks and make a new submission. I hate to reject the submission, but I would expect an improvement to take a while since the entire movie needs to be redone and the large improvement would necessitate a new submission anyway. You've definitely improved on a technical level, though, so if I do see another submission of this game from you, I'll know it's well-optimized. Keep up the good work, and I wish you luck with either an improvement or your future projects.
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