Post subject: Burnout Revenge (Xbox) Traffic Attack
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Traffic Attack is a mode in Burnout Revenge where you have to check (bump into) as many traffic cars as possible to keep the timer going and to rack up as much cash as possible. So the weird thing about a Traffic Attack TAS for this game is that one actually already exists: But as you can see, PCSX2 hates this game, and until Play! can come in to save the day, such a TAS would likely not be possible to do, never mind submit. Another option is that the Xbox version could be used instead, if and when XQEMU TASing becomes an option. The third option is using the Xbox 360 version when Xenia TASing comes into being. Something I've noticed in the above video is that there seems to be an absolute crap-ton of buses and trucks roaming around, but I've barely seen any in the same TA level on Xbox. Maybe there is a difference with RNG between versions? Anyway, in the video, you will notice that "トリックショット" tends to pop on screen every now and again. In the English version, this would say "Trick Shot", and this happens when you use a traffic car like a projectile to hit another car in the oncoming lane, since you can't check oncoming cars yourself. You may also see "スキルショット", which would say "Skill Shot" in the English version. This is like a Trick Shot, except it is done by smashing a smaller, checkable vehicle, like a compact or a taxi, into a large, non-checkable vehicle, like a bus or a semi. Now, obviously the goal of "Max Cash" would be ridiculous (and by ridiculous, I mean 5-Hours-Of-Me-Looping-Round-The-Track-Like-An-Old-Lady-On-Meth kind of ridiculous), so I think we could probably just go for a more reasonable numerical figure, like $20,000,000. Or perhaps, we could have a goal of $5,000,000 to make the run less tedious and more frantic. These would depend on which TA level is being done, of course. EDIT (7/6/16): It is highly likely that if this TAS were to come into being, the Xbox version would be used, as it is the best version overall (load times, better frame rates etc.) EDIT 2 (7/6/16): To clarify, the reason the Japanese version is used here is because the uploader is Japanese, not because this is one of those "the Japanese version is faster because it just is" games.