Post subject: Android/IoS TASing?
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There are already things like Android emulators already, but I've never heard any discussion of TASing game apps for them. I wonder why. Of course, I'm not a game developer, but (a lot) of these games seem like the programming was complex but the concept was very simplistic. So it sort of surprises me. What is the status of it right now? I wanted specifically to make a topic about the new and trending Pokémon Go, which is being played all over my town. But I wanted to discuss it sort of as a joke, since what would be the overall goal of TASing or speedrunning it anyway... I decided to just go ahead and make a topic about the entire platforms, since they don't seem to have much discussion here, so why not? Since the game is GPS-based, I wonder if you could somehow glitch or corrupt the maps. Or make it so that you kept "losing your Internet/data connection" and spawning to a much farther place on the map, you know, so that your character runs to that location. Idk, a run of this would probably be repetitive and boring, if it were even possible, but would be fun at first at least, to see the GPS and such keep being completely taken advantage of. I don't really play many games for this, so I'm unfamiliar with Angry Birds and other popular ones, but I imagine TASes of those would also attract a lot of attention.
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Pokemon Go needs an active internet connection to play (spawning Pokemon and such) So it can't be TASed
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There are many Android and iOS emulators, including official development SDK ones, but they're mostly closed-source and don't have rerecording tools, frame advance, or any other useful tools for TASing. Therefore, there is not much to discuss about TASing them currently, unless you know of other emulators that have those tools or can have those tools added to them. And even if those existed, Pokémon Go is a server-based game, which makes it pretty much impossible to TAS. <dwangoAC> This is a TAS (...). Not suitable for all audiences. May cause undesirable side-effects. May contain emulator abuse. Emulator may be abusive. This product contains glitches known to the state of California to cause egg defects. <Masterjun> I'm just a guy arranging bits in a sequence which could potentially amuse other people looking at these bits <adelikat> In Oregon Trail, I sacrificed my own family to save time. In Star trek, I killed helpless comrades in escape pods to save time. Here, I kill my allies to save time. I think I need help.