Post subject: PSX load times
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TAS-capable emulators have a heavy emphasis on accuracy, which I love. We have emulators that are so accurate for consoles like NES and SNES that we can create something like TASBot and play input done on emulator back onto a console and it works! What about PSX though? For older consoles, the load times are obviously identical; if they were off by even one frame anywhere, the movies would desync. But a PSX uses a laser to load from a disc, and the laser has to move. Does Bizhawk somehow emulate even that correctly, or is that a silly question and there's no way to do that? I guess my question is "could there ever be a TASBot for PSX?" but my curiosity is not so much geared toward TASBot (though I find it interesting), but just accuracy in general.
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Bizhawk does a reasonably good job of emulating CD load times. Due to the nature of the problem, it's impossible to get perfect. A TASBot would be unlikely to succeed on any game that polls the controller during load screens.
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Right, I see. It's as I thought. If I compared recordings between Bizhawk and a real PSX I bet I'd be impressed by the similarity. Thank you :D
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natt wrote:
A TASBot would be unlikely to succeed on any game that polls the controller during load screens.
If I remember correctly, Dwango mentioned during the Harvey Relief Done Quick stream that they were attempting to rig up an SSD in place of a disk drive on a Gamecube to get consistent load times allowing for console verification of Dolphin made runs.
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Even SSD presents a problem unless there's firmware to control the timing of it. There are quite a few drive replacement projects for various CD based consoles now. I have one in my Dreamcast, which brings with it wonderfully improved load times. (But it has the ability to restrict to the original speeds via a setting) Even there it's not 100% predictable because the random read times on the flash media aren't 100% consistent. That could probably be accounted for in firmware of a drive simulator though, just have a consistent algorithm to decide the timing of various responses and if the medium you're reading from isn't ready in time too bad, fail completely.
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Why an SSD if you could perhaps load an entire disk image into RAM?
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SSD doesn't present a problem, because an SSD is faster than a CDrom in every possible case, even if it's jittery. All you need to do is buffer it to be as slow as an ideal CD