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fsvgm777 wrote:
The reason I post this here is because it natively supports Linux, and thus may run in libTAS.
I'm very glad we got another platform to TAS with so many games! I hope this will happen more times (someone developing a new emulator, someone linking it to the right place and everyone here getting the gift of a new canvas to paint on some TASes)!
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Post subject: Ruffle 2022-10-16 breaks
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So for anyone looking into why
-g gl
broke again on ruffle, usually with an error about stencils. This is an error looking as affecting primarly linux users that's been introduced by a wgpu upgrade to ruffle. For anyone with the error, downgrade to nightly 2022-10-15 before the change was introduced. You can monitor this link for this issue being resolved. An example of the erorr message (without libTAS hooked):
[2022-10-21T14:56:12Z ERROR wgpu::backend::direct] Error in Adapter::request_device: unsupported features were requested: DEPTH32FLOAT_STENCIL8
Error: Couldn't create wgpu rendering backend