Post subject: FTL: Faster than Light
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I've been playing FTL casually for a month or two now, and I'm fascinated by the idea of TASing it because of the sheer amount of RNG available for manipulation. Sector maps, store contents, enemy and player accuracy, rewards for quests and battles...I'm working on getting Ubuntu set up on my backup machine to give it a look via libTAS. According to a good friend who turned me onto the game, the optimal ship for a speedrun is the Stealth Cruiser, Layout B, and then add a Weapon Pre-Igniter as soon as possible. I do feel, however, that a run which uses the Kestrel Cruiser, Layout A (which is the first ship/layout available) would be worth watching too, especially since the Stealth B run would require a setup save.
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I have thought about a TAS of this game as well, but it would require an entire knowledge of how everything is randomized. For now, there are some stuff that are known, like how sector maps are generated (you can look at FTL save editor source code), but this is not enough. So either we would need to fully retro-engineer the game, or ask for (part of) the source code from the devs.