Man what am I wasting my life on...
It started as a regular submission that was proven to be not entirely optimal. Several times. And again. And again. And then people took it as a challenge and just crushed this game as a team.
I put the names in the order of latest improvement (or how do I say this in English?) If I missed someone, poke me.
Overall, I think this game is quite impressive in how it replicates a game from a more advanced console, and the variety of gameplay in different levels. It only has 3 of them but come on give the devs a break!
I was personally only interested in the last segment of the movie where you have to wait for a wasp to pass and then you jump on a pirate and then you jump on more wasps. It was the only place I managed to improve (I touched the entire stage 3), and then I just waited for the framewar to end to test that place again, and surprise, my instinct hasn't failed me, lol. It's just 3 frames faster than the fastest WIP by Memory but otherwise the framewar indeed looks done.
If anyone still feels like beating this time, by all means go to helll join the party! Or not.

ThunderAxe31: Claiming for judgment, in hope I don't get dragged myself in the party as well.
ThunderAxe31: It seems to me that it's going to be enough hard to improve it from this point.
While the title is quite known is some areas of the world, the game itself is not that good, so I can relate with the overall reaction towards this movie. Accepting for the Vault.
feos: Pub.
feos: Reordered the authors to reflect the overall improvement found by them.