Post subject: Possible Android/iOS emulators?
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There were emulators to download on Android and on iOS. I was trying to use TAS in it. Some emulators used on Android have save states, does it support? There is FCEUX version 2.2.2 on Linux Ubuntu app store they publicly released, but not 2.2.3. It was not available in an Android app, and I think it's possible. BizHawk, on the other hand, is also available in Linux, but there is not a supported TAS-supported emulator on Android or iOS. Not even homebrewed video game consoles like Wii/Wii U/Switch, PS3/PS4, or Xbox 360/One. I was searching for SNES or Genesis emulators on Google Play Store. I was going to play SNES emulator in an Android device, which one is on Lollipop while the other is on Oreo. I still don't know the minimum RAM to play the emulator, but I searched these emulators available on Android. Google Search: snes emulator for android FCEUX, SNES9x/ZSNES, and the Visual Boy Advance were not available on Android. The Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Citra, and the Dolphin emulator is supported on Android.
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