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Welcome to Super Mario Bros. Taiko no Tatsujin DS edition.
As you can tell, we are moving through each difficulty here so try and keep up.
Oh and also some sort of verification file had to be made.
So in this installment of Super Mario Bros. you have these massive drums called Taiko, and your goal is to beat it off and aim for the highest score possible, and go for gold.
You can also customize the drum to be whatever colour combination you want like so:
It's just a lot of beating going on here, a good amount of beating thee red, and the blue.
Just beating all day, and all night, above, and below.

Samsara: you did this to hurt me specifically and frankly i respect that
Samsara: This one's weird! It's a non-trivial rhythm game, in that a TASer is actually able to surpass normal human limits and scores through those crazy roll notes. In a way, there could actually be enough here to accept the game itself... It just can't start with this submission, though. At least, not yet. Namely, as of right now, we would still need to have a discussion on the acceptability of this game. Deciding to accept it right now would honestly feel unfair to #7374: ShesChardcore's GBA American Idol in 10:58.71, so I feel the better option is just to wait for a full discussion on overhauling our game choice rules first. Ideally, both end up acceptable at the same time, as opposed to just one or none.
Granted, even if it was acceptable right now, this is still a set of ILs that require SRAM, so it would be a Playground run. It still will be a Playground run when (HOPEFULLY) it becomes acceptable, of course, but it would be, too! At least there's one list this game can still make!

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Why does it start from SRAM?
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I've been waiting to see this come out for April Fools. I was really amused by this...as I caught myself trying to tap out the patterns myself. Spikestuff Hero! Yes vote.
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You got fireworks, clearly unoptimized.
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You know, there is a perform option that if you set it as bot, TAS-san will play it for you!
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Like the sedate pace then suddenly the tas speed drum rolls
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Mizumaririn wrote:
You know, there is a perform option that if you set it as bot, TAS-san will play it for you!
Score doesn't save/retain and as CoolHandMike points out you can't get the maximum score if the bot doesn't do the best drum rolls.
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Disables Comments and Ratings for the YouTube account. These colours are pretty neato, and also these.
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omg i see taiko i vote yes
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