Post subject: E-Swat : City Under Siege
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Okay...i've started a run of the brilliant game E-Swat as nobody has really attempted this and it's a great game that deserves a run. Just completed the first stage and thought i'd show you the fruits of my labour. Aims for fastest time / Takes Damage to Save Time. I know there are a few bits that could do with touching up. There is a point were i stop to kill a spider machine and two guys when i'm sure I can keep moving while doing it. From start till I destroy the helicopter i'm about 10 seconds faster than the run by Neofix. I complete the first stage in 1min 19seconds. Should i continue with this? any tips or advice? here's the run: HERE -RetroHolo.
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heehee, i've done it in 1:10!! most notably my bost fight is faster, but i think the game broke cos i played too fast so there's no bossmusic ='( but i don't like when he turns into a robot becuz he's not so cool then. but good luck with the run and here's my run.
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A good bump because I've found a neat trick on Mission 4 (the Science Lab level) that the Published run didn't use. It's that waiting bit when you were on the floating platforms it's possible to skip this part entirely. AVI file Quality is not TASvideos published perfect and I think there is no sound as well because strangely enough my pc lacks a sound driver or the cables weren't connected properly.