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Sorry. I'm to stupid. Still can't understand how to do it. Look what i make. It really close to work properly:
while (true) do

	x1 = memory.readbyte(0x0401) - memory.readbyte(0x00FD);
	if x1 > 0
		then x1 = memory.readbyte(0x0401) - memory.readbyte(0x00FD);
		else x1 = memory.readbyte(0x0401) + 255 - memory.readbyte(0x00FD);

	y1 = memory.readbyte(0x0400) - memory.readbyte(0x00FC);
	if y1 > 0
		then y1 = memory.readbyte(0x0400) - memory.readbyte(0x00FC);
		else y1 = memory.readbyte(0x0400) + 239 - memory.readbyte(0x00FC);

	gui.text(x1,y1, 0);

But when enemies go off screen: Don't know how to make it better edit: oh. Actually... That's ok for me. But if someone one wanna help to make it perfect - feel free to do that. But don't worry to much.
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Look what I found though http://retroshift.wikidot.com/local--files/scripts/metroidlua.zip (I tried to fix your script and this game's RAM is a complete mess)
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can someone give me a tutorial for this?
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sullyrox wrote:
can someone give me a tutorial for this?
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HI, i have a question. I'm trying to make a little lua script to show some RAM values on screen without the external RAM watch tool, so there's any way to show the lua drawings away of the game screen?
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