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Bisqwit wrote:
Warp wrote:
Bisqwit wrote:
Not resizing it means that it would have to be cropped (portions from some edges are removed).
Why would that be such a bad thing in this context? Just draw a portion of the image.
That would certainly be an option. But if the subject is an animation, then you need an algorithm (or artistic decision) that decides which section of the screen to crop to. A static crop might not be the best choice.
And here I was afraid to revive it. I've been looking at this a little and the idea I have is more like a window onto the background, which is kind of how animation paths are laid out anyway, vaguely. Years and years ago there was a map autostitcher that could do gifs where it would draw a window on the map in a similar way. If I can remember it, I'll dump an example of it. A similar outcome seems like the most dynamic thing one could manage. However, for animations where things are relatively repetitive - such as animating Mario running through a scene - a better option is to use the pathing to move a singular entity (Mario in the example here).
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greysondn wrote:
And here I was afraid to revive it.
It's completely fine. There is no "necroposting" rule of any sort here. If you have something new to add, it doesn't matter how old the thread may be. It's welcome.
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Hey everyone! I joined TASvideos specifically to get ahold of alden, the guy behind Automatic Mario Paint. I just wanted to mess around with it, but once alden shared it all with me, my friend marl asked me to share and he got to work making an improved version. Now we have autoMP, which is more refined and feature-rich. It's still being worked on and we've got more features planned. I'm making this post on behalf of alden, who wanted me to share our efforts here. Hope everyone enjoys! if you'd like to read more and see a gallery, check out the page on my site: https://g-zone.neocities.org/autoMP.html or you can go straight to the GitHub: https://github.com/marl64/autoMP
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