Post subject: bubble bobble arcade time attack vid?!
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hey all, just saw that awesome MM1 vid by bisqwit, 18 min nice work!! my best is 23min, anyways is there a bubble bobble arcade time attack vid? i have only seen that crappy bb NES ver. but if there isent can someone make one like on mame or something?? i know alot of ppl. wanna se a bb arcade time attack inc. me, well laters..........
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Mame doesn't support re-recording (yet), so we can't do vids of arcade games (yet).
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I don't know if we'll ever see rerecording in MAME, really. Reasons being: 1. Savestates are extremely screwy in this emulator, currently. Sometimes they do what they're supposed to, other times (as with Gradius, to name one example of many) they mess up the graphics and/or freeze the game when you load one. 2. Fixing this is not exactly a high priority of the MAME team, to put it mildly. Extremely sad, I know, but that seems to be the truth. -Josh
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Post subject: Bubble Bobble
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Hello, I'm new to the community, please delete this thread if my question is inadmissible in this context. I would like to know if anyone ever attempted any kind of run on this game. Is there any limitations making arcade runs harder or take more time to do? Is anyone experienced enough to point me in the right direction if this question is asked too often for all games? I'm not sure i would make a crappy but successful run if i tried one, a decent run would probably take a few months to complete, and the best ending can only be done with 2 Players, probably discouraging most runners... If you have anything to say please educate or flame me, both are accepted. Deep regards from canada, Simon
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Posts: 73 Came up on a simple google search. So if you're asking specifically about arcade version, no I couldn't find any. Just NES version. I don't know enough about the game to talk version differences, though.
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The NES game's collision is a fair bit different than the Arcade. In the NES version, if your character is trapped in a 2 tile wide gap, (as wide as the character,) the player can still jump straight up and bubble on the way up to escape from the pit. In the Arcade version, the bubble pops as soon as you blow it, making escape impossible. A handful of levels are different between the two versions. Overall, I think the NES version is easier to finish and takes less time. In my experience playing them both, the Arcade version is more challenging and less forgiving. But the Arcade version also has the secret rooms, which were removed from the NES version!
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I'd be interested in some sort of "Super Play" of Bubble Bobble. Many levels have secret conditions that make for bonus points--the first level in the NES version, for example, turns all spare bubbles into point items after the final enemy is popped. It'd be pretty cool to see some tool-assisted crazy-high scores. :)
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The arcade version of Bubble Bobble is the original one that all the others were based on (not to mention sequels like Rainbow Island or Bub Symphony). I would love to see a run of that. The NES version is pretty good, but is ultimately just one of a dozen different ports, as this game has been ported pretty much everywhere (including SMS, GBC, PSX, C64, DOS, MSX2, and several others), and since most of the ports leave out something, I would prefer seeing the original.
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