Misc. data

Jumping ladders up

Fastest way to climb on ladders is to jump to one, holding jump and up. When Snake touches the ladder, he will immediately jump. Then 3 frames before he clings to the ladder, briefly release jump for two frames and then press it again (so if he clings on frame 1234, release jump when frame counter is 1231 and press it again when frame counter is 1233). Normally this clinging occurs every 22 frames.
This method can climb stairs at an average speed of about 65 units per frame.

Save healing

When entering level, if you are below initial HP, save and load the game. This restores HP to initial (most useful on hard level as this trick is the only known way to regain lost health[1]).

Wrong warp

This glitch can be used to skip entire levels using any door. While entering a door, Snake's subposition is corrected to a certain specific place within that tile. The goal is to be aligned with this exact warp position. To successfully wrong warp, run to the left and hold up on the frame that Snake is at the warp position. This will NOT work without running. Snake will stop 48 subpixels away from the warp position and the game will not correct this. The end result is warping to the upper left corner of the map on top of some "edge of map" tiles, resulting in an instant exit.
Setup is fairly easy if you're careful, as all tested warp points are either already aligned with Snake or are off by a multiple of 16, which can be fixed by doing full running jumps.


WeaponDamage per shotFrames per shotDamage per frame[2]
Default gun19 (3 shots per volley)0.333
Rapid fire120.5
Plasma bolt580.625
Green grenade1 (impact), 5 (explosion)190.579
Red grenade1 (impact, fireball), 5 (explosion, flame)19Situational
Robo Pal19 (default), 4 (rapid)0.111 (default), 0.25 (rapid)

Enemy health

Enemy names are unofficial, and the immunities may not be complete.
Pink slime1Nothing
Flat green slime1Bullets
Laser turret4Nothing
Red-haired mutant5Nothing
Transparent slime5Nothing
Pogo bot5Nothing
Acid dripper10Nothing
Parachute robot10Nothing
Big slime monster15Nothing
Frog with plasma gun20Nothing
Giant tank robot25Nothing
Skull Man125 (head), 65 (hands)Nothing

Level maps

[1] On hard, medikits reset your health to 2HP.
[2] In-game frames, assuming a stationary enemy.

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