This page attempts to document certain aspects of the "Dementium" series for the NDS.

Dementium: The Ward

Glitches and Tricks

Faster Acceleration

Instead of double tapping "up" immediately, it's slightly faster to double tap once once your speed reaches 7.75 in the RAM watch.


When turning sharp corners, never turn in 90 degree angles. Always turn in ~45 degree angles for slightly faster turns for stairways while turning multiple times at 10 degrees is better for most cases.

Chapter 4 Sequence Break

At the start of the chapter, there are boxes to the right. After triggering the cutscene, lure 3+ worms to those boxes, and start moving against the wall and drawer on the floor. If done right, the worms will push you into the wall, and you will go out of bounds. Walk into the elavator, and end the stage.

Chapter 6 Sequence Break

Immediately once the chapter begins, there's a wheelchair infront of you. By running towards the wheelchair, you can clip into it, and walk to the exit to the right, skipping the entire chapter. This also drastically shortens the buzz-saw sidequest, as you don't need to backtrack.

Chapter 7 Sequence Break

(Link to video)
It's not worth it unless a way to skip the chapter 8 boss is found.

Rapid Fire with any weapon

All weapon's reload timer share the same address, and it resets every time you swap weapons. This can be abused to fire rapidly at enemies by switching weapons back and forth while shooting. The best time to use this trick is at the Chapter 8 Boss.

Killing banshees without slowing down

The weakest weapon, the nightstick, is capable of killing the banshees one hit. It is recommended to kill them this way as not only is it more quiet, but also doesn't create recoil.

Cutscene skipping

For certain cutscenes that are not area triggered, you can pause the game and reset the chapter quickly to skip the cutscene. This also rollbacks the items collected to the start of the chapter, but let's you continue at the same place as the cutscene. It appears to crash the game at the start of the next chapter, so it should only be used if the cutscene is longer than 10 seconds.

Luck/Enemy Manipulation

The RNG of this game is based on the system clock.

Important Addresses

TODO: Add RNG, Reload Timer, Area, etc.
Enemy addresses appear dynamic, but once it's found, subtract it by 0x4C for the X position and 0x44 for the Y position. Example: (022A118C -> HP; 022A1140 -> X; 022A1148 -> Y)


Machine gun71003


Flying bugs6?1
Crawler6181 (Ranged) (Slows)
Green zombie6181 (Ranged), 2 (Melee)
Green worm862
Green banshee12324
Cleaver4,121441 (ranged) 2 (melee, also stuns)
Wheelchair v2142162
Surgeon162882 (Ranged),3 (Melee)

Dementium II

TODO: Explain some tricks for this game.

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