The purpose of this page is to document all of the known tricks of Kirby Squeak Squad for NDS.


Running and moving in the air is equally fast. But as there will be a slowdown whenever Kirby lands on the ground, jumping should be kept to a minimum. Sliding should be used where applicable, preferably in a fashion where the last slide happens close to a ledge so that one can use the momentum trick explained below. Note: Only use v, then v+A for sliding. Do not use v>, then v>+A since the game makes horizontal movement a priority. Kirby would start walking to the right before he is capable of performing a slide (this wastes a frame).

Sliding off a ledge: Momentum trick

When sliding off a ledge, hold the "up" arror key. Kirby will blow up once he leaves the ground, but moreover, he will keep the momentum of the slide. The effect is most notable when doing this close to the ledge.
This trick can also be used at the beginning of a level and after travelling with a warpstar, since Kirby is standing during the first few frames.

Input shenanigans

The game allows input for 3 frames before a level is loading. Using those frames is the only way to use the 'sliding off a ledge' trick at the beginning of a level.
Also, there is a single non-lag frame before a cutscene starts that accepts input which will cause the cutscene to go away faster. If used optimally, the cutscene will fade in and then immediately go away.

Obtaining an item: Bubble glitch

When obtaining any item in a level (food, 1-up, bubble, treasure chest) and using one of your bubbles at the exact frame, you will obtain the new item and use your selected bubble without losing it. The lower screen will then turn white, but you can still use it to select other bubbles. This trick is very useful to keep an important ability like Hammer or Wheel throughout the game.

Skipping the first big treasure chest in the game

Touching the first big treasure chest in the game will trigger a long Squeak Squad sequence. You can skip this sequence by not obtaining the treasure. This is done by using the jumping slash attack across the chest as Animal Kirby or by already having 5 items in your belly.

Ceiling boost

As wheel Kirby, when riding towards a sloped ceiling, it will cause Kirby to move downwards faster.

About luck-manipulation

The roulette at the end of every level seems to depend on enemy behavior and can only be manipulated by starting a bubble mix in Kirby's stomach. It is favorable to manipulate the first plate of the roulette to be empty since food and 1-ups will slow Kirby down for 5 frames.

Memory addresses

This game uses dynamic memory allocation. Therefore, the location of data structures will change at times. Find the addresses of pointers to the structures instead of the addresses of fields in the structures.

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