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In this page, Mini-Turbo (or, power-slide turbo boost) is abbreviated as MT.

Memory Addresses

The pointer to these values is at 0x217ACF8 (USA version) or 0x217D028 (EUR version).
Short DescriptionOffsetSizeExplanation
X, Y, Z pos+0x80, 84, 884 bytesYour kart's location
Speed+0x2A84 bytesYour speedometer. Watch the difference in position too.
Maximum Speed+0xD04 bytesYour speed cannot exceed this value. PRB locks it; otherwise it increases when you jump off an uphill slope or angle your kart downwards in the air
Boost Timer+0x2384 bytesHow many frames remain for your current boost.
MT Time+0x30C4 bytesHow many frames you must wait before the next MT charge level.
Angle Facing+0x2362 bytesThe direction you are facing.
Drift Angle+0x3882 bytesAdd this to Angle Facing to get the direction your kart is trying to go.
Vertical Angle+0x2342 bytesThe up/down angle of your kart in the air.
Turning Loss+0x2D44 bytesTells you how much speed you are sacrificing by turning. Only takes effect on the ground and when not drifting. (Does not affect the Speed value.)
Grip+0x2404 bytesTells you how slippery the road is. A value of zero would mean that turning is impossible. (Regular road is always the same, other roads depend on your kart choice.)
Air+0x3DD1 byte0 means you are on the ground.
Spawn Point+0x3C44 bytesTells you where lakitu will drop you. Set when you fall off the course.
Direction Sine, Cosine+0x60, 704 bytes(20.12 Fixed Point value) The sine and cosine of the angle at which you are moving. The game uses these values to determine your movement.
Target Sine, Cosine+0x50, 584 bytes(20.12 Fixed Point value) Direction Sine/Cosine will approach these values by some percentage (dependent on Grip) each frame. These are the values changed by your angle.
The pointer for the last Key Checkpoint you activated is at 0x21661B4 (either USA or EUR (?)). Offset is +0x620. (1 byte) This is useful when doing shortcuts that require going forward a bit first, such as the shortcuts on Rainbow Road.
Here is a lua script for DeSmuME that displays all the values listed above.


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