Move List

Joe has a variety of moves he can perform, some of them unlockable at the Power Up store.

By default:



Joe moves really slow when running. With some specific D-pad inputs at specific frames, when he stops moving he will boost his X Position a little. Doing this continually makes Joe move faster than usual.
Slide Punch Combo
Each time you slide, you get a speed boost but then after the move it's performed, you stop moving for a certain amount of frames. You can reduce the slowdown for a bit if you perform a regular punch, then slide again. This is faster than regular running around.
VFX Slowmo
Slows down time by pressing L. You can knock back enemies, reflect and dodge projectiles,among many other things. Managing this move with the VFX meter is crucial.
VFX Split
With magic or something, you can divide the screen in two, being able to reach a lot of places.
VFX Zipping
Using Split can lead to a big horizontal boost sometimes, so this could come in handy later.
VFX Slide
Joe is able to switch screens and interact with the environment. The Double-Up Kick and Red Hot One Hundred moves can only be performed while Slide is in effect.
Infinite Combos
Whule finishing a combo, do an uppercut, and repeat the combo again. You can do this as many times as necessary.
Aerial Attack Hover
You can stay in the air longer if you keep doing aerial moves.
Pressing both left+right will make Joe moonwalk.
Jumping in this game can be a little tricky sometimes, you need to hold the jump button for quite a bit of time for a full jump, and press and hold it again for a full double jump.
Flying Kick
Your Red Hot Kick slows down your vertical speed quite significantly, and you can still do another jump and then another flying kick to reach farther places.

Todo: look for RAM stuff or something, also vids and images n stuff.

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