This page lists tricks and info for the game Gremlins 2 - The New Batch for the Gameboy.

Save pixels on springboards

You can save 2 pixels (thus 2 frames) by dropping off a springboard.

Save pixels in tight passages

You can save 1 Y-pixel and 1 X-pixel (thus 1 frame) by jumping before walking over a ledge, when in a tight passage.

Jump partially inside walls

You can jump through the lower part of a wall block. This can save time in places such as in the image on the right.

Shortened Invincibility bug

When you take damage, there is an invincibility span of 64 frames. If you use the musical note item, the invincibility counter will stop at whatever number it was at. Next time you take damage, it will finish counting rather than give you the full 64 frames, which can cause you to take damage twice within a short time. Not useful.

Silent Music bug

On the titlescreen and when a boss fight starts, there is a 1 frame opportunity to stop the title screen intro/jump which causes the background music to go silent. Not useful either.

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