Tile data

Tile function calculation procedure

All memory addresses here are relative to the System Bus.

Tile function info

Function (hex)Description
69CFPassable, cannot be roped through
69F6Partially solid (sand)
69FCPartially solid (grass)
6A02Partially solid (sand)
6A08Partially solid (sand)
6A0EPartially solid (sand)
6A44Partially solid (right bracket)
6A4APartially solid (left bracket)
6B14Partially solid (branch)
6B1APartially solid (foliage)
6B1FPartially solid (branch)
6B25Partially solid (branch)
6B2BPartially solid (branch)
6B30Partially solid (branch)
6B35Partially solid (branch)
6B3APartially solid (branch)
6B44Partially solid (branch)
6B4EPartially solid (branch)
6B60Partially solid (branch)
6B66Partially solid (branch)
6B6CPartially solid (branch)
6C22Breakable block
6C63Turns to object?
6CE8Turns to object?
6D72Collectible (time)
6D85Underwater collectible (1-up)
6D8DCollectible (1-up)
6DABUnderwater collectible (pellet)
6DB3Collectible (pellet)
6EA8Passable, exit level on floor contact
6EB9Death (partial block)
6EC8Death (partial block)
6ECDDeath (partial block)
6ED2Death (partial block)
6ED7Death (partial block)
7091Partially solid (palm)
7096Partially solid (palm)
709BPartially solid (palm)
7171Partially solid (bamboo)
7177Partially solid (bamboo)
717DPartially solid (bamboo)
7181Partially solid (half)
719CWater (lowering/rising)
7201Water (half)
7239Water, partially solid
723FWater, partially solid
7245Water, partially solid
724BWater, partially solid
7251Water, partially solid
7257Water, partially solid
725DWater, partially solid
7263Water, partially solid
7269Partially solid (right sand)
726FPartially solid (left sand)
7275Partially solid (slope)
727BPartially solid (slope)
7281Partially solid (slope)
7286Partially solid (slope)
72AFPartially solid (hill)
72B4Partially solid (hill)
72B9Partially solid (hill)
72C1Partially solid (hill)
72C7Partially solid (hill)
72CDPartially solid (hill)
72D6Partially solid
7830Partially solid (sand)
7836Water, partially solid
783CWater, partially solid
79D2Death (partial block)
79D8Death (partial block)
79DEPartially solid (foliage)
79E4Partially solid (foliage)
79EAPartially solid (foliage)
79EDPartially solid (bridge)
79F3Partially solid (bridge)
8002Partially solid (grass)
8003Partially solid (grass)
8004Partially solid (branch)
8005Partially solid (branch)
8006Partially solid (branch)
8007Partially solid (branch)
8008Partially solid (branch)
8009Partially solid (vine)
800APartially solid (branch)
800BPartially solid (branch)
800CPartially solid (grass)
800DPartially solid (grass)
800EPartially solid (foliage)
800FPartially solid (branch)
8010Partially solid (branch)
8011Partially solid (foliage)
8012Partially solid (branch)
8013Partially solid (foliage)
8014Partially solid (branch)
8029Partially solid (palm)
802APartially solid (palm)
802BPartially solid (palm)
802CPartially solid (palm)
802DPartially solid (palm)
802EPartially solid (palm)
802FPartially solid (palm)
8030Partially solid (palm)
8108Partially solid (foliage)
813CPartially solid (foliage)
818FPartially solid (foliage)
819FPartially solid (vine)
824FPartially solid (foliage)
82BFPartially solid (grass)
82DFPartially solid (grass)

Object data

Object data starts at 0xD600 in the system bus, with each object taking up 256 bytes. The first object is always the player, and then the second object is at 0xD700, the third at 0xD800, etc for a total of 10 objects.
Relative address (hex)# of bytesDescription
001Object type
012Y momentum
042Y position
062X momentum
092X position
1D1Health (if 0xFF, it's indestructible)

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