This page lists tricks and information for the game The Adventures of Star Saver (GB), known as Rubble Saver in Japan.

Jump in midair

Under certain circumstances, the game assumes you have ground beneath you even though you don't. Therefore you can jump in midair and stay airborne indefinitely. The exact conditions for this bug to happen are unknown, but you can influence it by pressing A repeatedly in the air and by changing your jump height.
This trick is used in the published run (see at 0:17 for one demonstration).

Arrow bug

By using arrow on a wall at the same time as you fall into the void, you will respawn at the wall. This saves some travel time (about 50 frames in most standard situations).
Some applications of this are shown at 2:00 in this video.

Stage 9 bug

There is a severe bug in the final stage of the game. To do it, you must be in human form and must not shoot throughout the level. You must approach the pressure plates that smash into each other fast enough. If done correctly, the game will glitch out in about 10 seconds.
If you shoot before the game glitches out, it will almost certainly crash. But if you don't, the glitch effects are more variable and visible. It seems the glitch has potential for Arbitrary Code Execution but it hasn't been explored much, yet.

Stage 7 bug

At the end of stage 7, you can use your arrow in order to end up in the wall, allowing you to zip upwards until the game glitches out. It is not known exactly why the game is glitching out. The glitch effects are comparable to those of the stage 9 bug.

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