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The character is called Yacopu. There are 5 levels, each with a boss at the end and an occasional miniboss in the middle. You can transform to flying form and to fish form by pressing "up B" or "down B" respectively. There are powerups that let Yacopu transform into special forms such as flower Yacopu, mini Yacopu, big Yacopu, goku Yacopu, ball Yacopu and mouse Yacopu. Each form has different perks and abilities.


Yacopu moves according to the game's speed oscillation patterns. The oscillation pattern is what causes Yacopu to move at 15, 17, 16, 15, 17 ... walking speed for example. You can abuse the patterns in a few ways to gain more speed, explained in the sections below.
The oscillation patterns seem to be partially dependent on the timer (address $FF99). But how exactly it works hasn't been researched yet.
Every 16th frame according to the aforementioned timer address, Yacopu's X-speed drops by 1. This will be refered to as Drop Frame. This can be avoided using the pause glitch (see "Pause Glitch" below).


Jumping is faster than walking when done on specific frames.

Walking X-speed: 17 16 15 17 16 15 ...
Jumping X-speed depends on when you jump, at best: 18 until Drop Frame occurs
When jumping at 18 speed and the drop frame occurs, you can move into the other direction one frame and then keep going in order to regain 18 speed.


When flying, your max X-speed will be 24. When you land on ground and jump immediately, you can gain a boost of 3 speed units (so you would move at 27 speed). The occasional Drop Frames would cause you to lose your extra speed but you can prevent this using the pause glitch (see "Pause Glitch" below).
Changing the moving direction can only be done by landing on the ground and ascending again. You can also use enemies to change your moving direction although it has not proven to be faster in a TAS. Crashing into walls should always be avoided as you get stunned for a very long time if you do so.
Your max Y-speed (upward speed) can be -46 which will drop in steps of 2. Those speed drops can be avoided every other frame by pressing "A". You will not be able to gain back -46 Y-speed until you have dropped to -22 Y-speed.


Speed behaves strange sometimes as it depends on the oscillation pattern. Generally:
X-Speed to the right can be 47 at best. You have to be speed 39 and press "B" to gain 47.
X-Speed to the left can be -48 at best and you have to be -40 and press "B" to gain it.
Currently in TAS, the only level in which you would become ball is Level 2 and you would reach the boss if you optimize your movement decently. There is no need to squeeze more frames out optimizing your movement past that point.


You can shoot energy blasts in the opposing direction from where you want to move to give yourself a boost.
Shooting a blast gives you 32 speed into the other direction, and your best speed can be 65. So if you want to go right, you should face left and shoot. When the blast cooldown wears off, have Yacopu be at 33 speed so blasting will make it 65.


Fish form has the best movement in bodies of water. You move at 17 X-speed at best until a Drop Frame occurs. You won't gain 17 until you are at 15 speed. Drop Frames can be prevented using the pause glitch (see "Pause Glitch" below).

Boss fights

In boss fights your objective is to hit the boss repeatedly and as soon as possible. After the boss died, the fadeout doesn't take place until the dead body has flown to the bottom of the screen. Therefore, kicking the boss very high upwards is not favorable.
Some bosses such as the clam or the Level 2 boss have invincibility periods. The clam closes if it is on the ground and Yacopu is nearby and attacking. It won't open again until you move far enough away. The Level 2 boss' attack (which makes him invincible) starts when the timer ($FF99) has value 40 (in hex). Both of these situations can be avoided by jumping against the boss to make him bounce up. By having Yacopu carry the boss on top of him, you can prevent him from touching the ground and therefore their invincibility periods won't trigger.

Pause Glitch

There is a so-called Drop Frame every 16th frame, according to timer address $FF99, which causes Yacopu's X-speed to drop by one unit. This drop can be avoided by pausing the game on those frames. This should be done especially when preserving extra speed in the flying form.
In flying form, if you touch the ground to gain 3 extra speed units on a Drop Frame, there won't be a drop. So in that situation you don't need to pause the game. Therefore it should be tried to make flying Yacopu touch the ground on Drop Frames.

Fish Clip

Please refer to the image on the right to understand how wall clipping works. Generally, when Yacopu is pushed into a ceiling, he will be ejected to the right. If there is a wall to his right, he will be pushed below that wall. If there is a wall to his bottom right as well, then he will clip into the wall.
As a fish, Yacopu can clip into the wall to his right even if the wall to his bottom right is missing if you press "A" at the same time he is ejected to the right. This will cause fish Yacopu to end up inside the wall. This works on both land and in water.

Clam Clip

By positioning the clam miniboss into the tight passage on the right side of the room, you can clip into the wall. There are two different ways of doing this: When the clam is still in its shell and when it loses its shell. The former is faster in TAS but very unreliable to do in RTA. The latter case is used in RTA.

Shelled clam clip

shell-less clam clip

Cake Clip

You can clip into the wall past the cake miniboss in World 4. However, since Yacopu can only travel directly upwards while in a wall, you cannot go on and instead end up in a previous room, so it's useless.

Ball clip

In ball form, you can maneuver Yacopu into an enemy to launch them forward and then get touched by the same enemy to experience a speed boost for 1 frame. If you happen to be in the right spot before a wall, you can clip into the wall.
It takes 81 or more speed to clip into a wall. After clipping, Yacopu will be stuck in ball form until he transforms back at which point he will zip downwards for the duration of the transformation. So unlike with other clips, this will allow Yacopu to travel downwards through a wall rather than upwards.
It may be possible to use this in World 4 directly above the boss room to clip into said boss room. However, the boss takes too long to kill without Goku blasts.

Goku clip

Similarly to the ball clip, you can experience a 1 frame speed boost from an enemy and clip into a wall under certain circumstances when in Goku form. This can be used a few rooms underneath the boss room in World 4 to reach said boss room faster, but it only saves a few frames.

Memory addresses

ff9d1 byte X-Cam, big endian
ff9e1 byte X-Cam, small endian
ffad1 byte Form
ffa01 byte Health
ff991 byte Timer
ffa81 byte X-Speed
ffaa1 byte Y-Speed
ffa11 byte X-Pos, big endian
ffa21 byte X-Pos, small endian
ffa31 byte Y-Pos, big endian
ffa41 byte Y-Pos, small endian
c2c41 byte Powerup duration, big endian
c2c51 byte Powerup duration, small endian
c1021 byte Boss health

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