The purpose of this page is to serve as a knowledge base of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 (GBA).

Text Speed

For speedruns, the text speed should be adjusted to the highest level on the options screen. Also, the Japanese version is said to save additional time due to faster text speed.

Charging Glitch

Under certain circumstances, you can start charging a ki attack before entering a cutscene, allowing you to charge it indefinitely without draining your energy and kill bosses in one hit. Another way to do it is to use the game's sleep mode. In the video, the glitch is demonstrated with Vegeta's big bang attack.

Save Point Memory Corruption Glitch

Switching your character at a save point doesn't remove any ki blasts from the screen and it clears your character's stun. Because of this, it is possible to shoot multiple ki blasts simultaneously without having to wait for the stun to wear off. When done with certain attacks such as Vegeta's big bang attack, it will cause a memory corruption glitch that mainly messes up graphics and audio. It may be possible for this glitch to be useful in a TAS someday.
This glitch works on the US version. On the JP version, instead of glitching up, the game will bring up one of its JP-only error screens. The European version is untested so far.

RNG Formula

TODO: The RNG mechanics described here might not be accurately described.
$03003890 and $03003894 (4-byte Little Endian) are R1 and R2.
x = R1 + 0x02cbbc71
y = R2
x = x ^ y
y = (y rotated left 3 bits) + 0x0632d80f
y = y ^ x
R1 = x
R2 = y
value = (R1 - R2) % N
static unsigned Seed1;
static unsigned Seed2;

unsigned _rand(unsigned long VALUE)
   Seed1 = (Seed1 + 46906481) ^ Seed2;
   Seed2 = Seed1 ^ ( Seed2<<3) | (Seed2 >> 29 + 103995407);

   return (Seed1 - Seed2) % VALUE;

Experience Chart

The experience chart can be found here.

Memory addresses

TODO: Research and make a list here.
RAM Watch (USA), courtesy of Bonecrusher1022. Some but not all addresses included in it work for the JP version.
03000E901-byte?Current Character

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