Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island


Memory values

Beckham's data is reallocated every time a stage is entered, which means memory addresses are different every time. Thus, there is too much to list here.


Velocities are listed in subpixels/frame, where a subpixel is 1/256th of a pixel.






After getting the speed upgrade, Beckham will automatically start sprinting after running for a few seconds (sprinting speed is 720 as opposed to the running speed of 640). This means it's generally faster to move along the ground, if one is running across the ground for more than two seconds or so.

Damage boost

Getting kicked by enemies increases Beckham's speed to 1280 momentarily, twice as fast as running and 1.78 times as fast as sprinting. By catching a ball 1 frame after the damage boost ends, it can be further extended at 1152 speed for about 10 more frames depending on stage layout. See GIF for example in 1-5.

Infinite jump

After catching a fast ball (with the special ball catching sparkles/animation), there's a one frame window to jump at the end of the animation, even if Beckham is in the air. By combining this with precise wall shots, it's possible to gain height infinitely as long as a wall is nearby.

Kicking balls

Just kick 'em good. This is the meat of any TAS of the game, really.

Crash glitch

A way to crash/reset the game has been discovered on accident (and on stream) here. Nobody has managed to reproduce it, nor get other crash results so far.

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