Lady Sia Glitches

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Sword-Boosted Climb

By inputting a slash three/two frames before Sia begins to climb up a ledge, Sia will jump up the ledge while swinging her sword, thus skipping the long climbing animation.
if she climbs up on frame 96 input it on 94, it might be different based on the ledge, im just a baddie


Known effects are listed below. More testing is necessary to find and confirm these findings in every level

Fall through Floors

Perform the Sword-Boosted Climb Glitch. Now get hit by an enemy or obstacle while standing on the ground or falling, and you will fall through the floor.

Fall through Platforms

Perform the Sword-Boosted Climb Glitch. It will now be impossible to stand on platforms that move or are animated in any way.

Fixed Flying Camera

If you have Sword-Boosted Climb active and advance into one of the flying sections of the game the camera is fixed, allowing Sia to move out of the view. Not exactly useful, but interesting. Can also be trigger by death lever

Removing the effects

To remove the effects of the bizarre Sword-Boosted Climb glitch you can:

Death Lever

Decided to make this its own sections because it comes with its own bizarre side effects like SC. Much more testing is needed.

How To

First to set up you need to be one hit away from death, by a lever and be 1 hit form dying. Then get hit and in your dying animation press up on the lever. It is like a 15 frame window. I can do it 100% in real time after some practice.


First of the music stops playing like you die, then you can walk around at 0 life. You don't take damage from enemies and can't die,this allows you to go under water and the under of the stage on levels with air. If you gain life the side effects still remain. Then if you exit the area, without gaining life, and move onto the next part of the stage, then take damage your health rolls from zero to the maximum value on GBA, 2147483647, or i assume because i have to way to test it. But large enough that its pretty impossible for you to die without falling of the stage.

Side Effects

Removing the effect

So far the only way to remove the effect is to gain life, then exit the area on the stage or finish the stage

Misc. Glitches

Sword Jump

When Sia is slightly out of range to jump to a platform, jump towards the platform and swing your sword when you get close to it. This will give Sia a small boost which makes it possible to reach the platform. This only seems to work on platforms that move, or are animated it some way, but there are some useful exceptions. Keep in mind that the Sword Jump glitch will be deactivated after the Sword Climb Glitch has been used. Since the Sword Climb glitch messes up moving and animated platforms, this doesn't matter too much since the Sword Jump mainly only works on similar platforms. There is one exception where you will have to correct Sword Climb’s effects to use Sword Jump.

Quick Lever Pull

To pull a lever quicker, swing your sword at the right position and press up, or you crouch the frame you press up for a lever, input a ^ v. If done correctly this makes it so Sia doesn't have to slide to stop before pulling it. With little testing it appears neither of these methods are faster then each other, but both are faster then sliding before pulling the lever

Long Jump

Method 1 You can perform a Long Jump when jumping from a ledge to extend the distance of your jump. To do this, get close to the edge of a cliff/ledge and crawl for (x) number of frames. Then stop crawling and walk for (x) number of frames. When done correctly, Sia’s final jumping place will be farther away than normal, thus resulting in a farther jump when you jump.
Method 2 Run towards the edge of a cliff/ledge. Once near the edge, let go of the Directional Pad (be it Left or Right) for (x) number of frames. This will trigger Sia’s Sliding animation. Now continue walking for (x) number of frames Due to the sliding, Sia’s final Jumping Spot will be farther away than normal. Keep in mind that the frame work is different for every surface, so it’s up to you to find the frame work that brings the best results.

Long Jump 1 vs. Long Jump 2

While it hasn't been thoroughly tested which is the better method, it seems that it all depends on the surface in question. While testing on various surfaces, one method could be slower but reach farther (and visa versa), slower and not reach as far (and visa versa) or be exactly the same. Keep in mind that the frame work is different for every surface, meaning that the frame you start crawling, the amount of frames you crawl, and the amount of frames you walk before jumping is always different.

Quick Turn Around

Not so much a glitch, but it’s good to know. Rather that stop and turn around, you can turn around quickly by pressing down and the direction you want to go for one frame. This starts Sia’s crawling which prevents having to stop and turn around. This is especially useful when having to change direction before you jump.

Blast jump

By air slashing into a explosive barrel you can boost yourself far above normal jump height

Cart Tracks

In levels where you ride a cart to the next section, it is entirely possible to skip the cart itself. All you do is just hold jump and walk up the track, even if it appears you can't.

Combat info


For combat the best way to slash is an air slash, Sia doing the slash downwards in the air, because it doesn't impair your movement like a ground slash does. Two air slashes gets through most enemies that aren't one hit. And B-R-R combo is the quickest to get through shielded enemies.


For multiple inputs you can input them one after another, as opposed to waiting for the first swing to finish. For example for a B-r-r slash you can input B . R . R where . is a frame with no inputs.

Level Specific Info

Intro Level Skip

Start a new game. Fifteen Frames after the screen turns fully black, hold the start button for two frames, or just hold the start button when the screen turns fully black.) After a short while, this will pull up a discolored pause screen. Do not make any input. It will eventually go to the “Please Wait” screen. Instead of starting in the intro level you will start you outside of the castle.

The Castle

Using the Sword-Boosted Climb glitch you can skip parts of the level via invisible platforms. As seen in the video Those platform are actually background tiles errorneously made solid by the game developer.
You can also skip the ladder climb animation by manipulating the rat to hit you while you climb.
You can skip knocking the tower down, by blast jumping of the exploding barrel.

The Village: Alfambiae

The City Merrion Here i save time in the city by using death lever to avoid getting the key

The T'soa Airport

With a well timed jump, you can skip the puzzle that forces you to deactivate three lasers. With Sword Climb active you aren't moved by the fans
The first boss fight, very straight forward, you can just simply wait above the chute for the mice and hold b to grab them as soon as you can. The blades don't do enough damage to kill you.

The Water Kingdom

You can pull the lever to raise the pillars from under the platform. At the pillar you slice down, you can walk across it while it falls, the animation isn't the actual collision

The Fire Realm

In the first picture Sia began to fall on the platform, that is knocked down by the stalactite, but instead of going all the way to the lava and losing a life you can climb up mid fall. The second picture demonstrates how you can hit the rocks above the boss without the crumbling platform there using a long jump 1.

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